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Bad Cops Pt. 1 – 5 and Code Brown

Level 33 starts off with a new quest line centered around Springfield’s finest (and only) police force. You’ll need to train your officers if you want to take on the seedy underbelly of this growing city. This is just the first chapter of a four part story which also includes Unusual Suspects, Springfield Confidential, and Crackdown.

Bad Cops Pt. 1

Make Snake Rob the Kwik-E-Mart


Snake: I’m totally going to get past the museum’s alarms and armed guards to steal the famous Star of Ogdenville Diamond!
Snake: But first, I’ll need caffeine and junk food to get me pumped up for this legendary heist!

Bad Cops Pt. 2

Place the S.W.A.T. Van


Apu: Chief Wiggum, my store has been violated yet again! What steps are you going to take?
Wiggum: I’m not about the past, Apu. I’m all about what the future holds.
Wiggum: And I see my future holding that box of donuts and a free pineapple Squishee.
Apu: This is unacceptable! Criminals run willy-nilly in this town and the police do nothing.
Apu: I’m going to call newsman Kent Brockman and have him perform an exposé!
Wiggum: What kind of exposé?
Apu: Hard-hitting!
Wiggum: *gasp* No need for that! I’ll round up the troops.
Wiggum: I’ll even get the S.W.A.T. van back… which I borrowed to take my gym equipment to the dump.

Bad Cops Pt. 3

Place Training Wall

Make Eddie Train for Action

$270 / 12h

Wiggum: Eddie & Lou, good to have you back.
Wiggum: Everyone’s been complaining about police responsiveness, so we need to really put on a show for the people.
Eddie: What, like “Avenue Q”?
Wiggum: No, you idiot. Where would we get money for that quality of puppets?
Wiggum: Now, I don’t want to do a lot of patrolling because there’s no guarantee anyone will see us doing it.
Wiggum: So I’m setting up a physical training exercise.
Wiggum: That way the citizens will have something to watch… and that something will be Eddie coughing up a lung.

Bad Cops Pt. 4

Make Lou Study Evidence

Make Wiggum Eat at Krusty Burger

Make Eddie Eat at Krusty Burger

60m / 30m / 30m

Wiggum: Bad news. Quimby’s jumped on this ridicu Lou’s “let’s catch criminals” bandwagon.
Wiggum: He wants more results than Eddie going down a belt size from all that wall exercise.
Lou: Maybe we could go over some old cold cases and make some actual arrests.
Wiggum: Hmm, cold cases reminds me of other cold things… like milkshakes.
Wiggum: Lou, hit those files. Eddie, let’s see if we can eat you back into those size 36 pants.

Bad Cops Pt. 5

Make Cletus Go in for Questioning


Eddie: Chief, I got a read — some local farmers filed a complaint that Cletus is brewing moonshine.
Wiggum: Well, you know how farmers love to complain. They’re rolling in watermelon and chicken, but all they do is whine, whine, whine.
Lou: Maybe we should have a conversation with Cletus to check it out anyway.
Wiggum: Ugh, fine. Police work is the part of this job I hate.

(after the task is complete)

Lou: So Chief, did you get any leads from Cletus on the moonshine?
Wiggum: Ish all under control! I brought back a few jugs of hish stuff to make sure Cletus don’t, don’t, doesn’t sell them.
Wiggum: He’s orry, so we’re not preshing chargesh.
Lou: But Chief!
Wiggum: Help me get ‘em inside. I’m a little unsteady on my feet. And I think I’m… yesh! I’m starting to go blind.

Code Brown

Make Homer Break Into The Brown House and Watch TV

Make Bart Paintball in the Brown House

Make Cletus Harvest Copper Wire in the Brown House

Make Wiggum Nap in the S.W.A.T. Van

3m / 2h / 4h / 6h

Homer: Marge! Flanders’ wifi is out again, so I can’t watch Netflix!
Marge: Well I’m not asking him to turn his modem on and off again – it’s embarrassing. Have you seen Bart?
Homer: I saw him with Milhouse. They were unsupervised, so I’m sure they’re fine.
Marge: Go find him. I don’t want him to get in trouble with the authorities again.
Marge: He’s already got two strikes against him… and God knows how many foul balls.
Homer: Fine, I’ll go look for him… as far as you know.
Marge: What was that?
Homer: Nothing. Love you, sweetie.

Continues with Unusual Suspects Pt. 1 – 3 and Moe Town

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3 Responses to Bad Cops Pt. 1 – 5 and Code Brown

  1. fuelAugust 16, 2013 at 2:54 pm

    Why doesn’t Eddie have an animation with the wall? At least have him go in and out of the door or walk around it.

  2. AbissalAugust 16, 2013 at 11:19 am

    Hahaha I loved the theme of this update! “Bad cops, bad cops!”
    The episode it refers to is one of mine and my husband’s favorites!
    Lou and Eddie are a super welcomed addition! I hope Patty and Selma aren’t far.

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