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The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 29 – 35

You’re going to need a whopping 38,000 tickets to build the next three attractions that are apart of this quest phase. On the bright side, you’ll also unlock Lenny and Carl, the final two characters to make their way to Krustyland. At this point it would be a good idea to build your Krust-O-Meter to at least a 3.0% bonus if you can, because anything you can do to make tickets accumulate faster will help. If you thought these quests required a lot tickets, just wait. The final parts to this story line are more than twice as expensive.


The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 29

Build Krusty’s Haunted Condo

10,000 tickets / 24h

Nelson: So, what do you want to do now?
Lisa: I read on the internet that there’s going to be a haunted house in Krustyland…
Lisa: … but according to the data-mined text files, it’s not being released until level 150!
Nelson: Don’t worry — I can bully anything.
Nelson: Hey, game! I’m gonna count down from five…
Nelson: …and if I don’t have that ride when I get to zero, I’m going to mess up your save file.
Nelson: 5…
Nelson: 4…
Nelson: 3…
Nelson: 2…
Message‎: Congratulations! You just unlocked Krusty’s Haunted Condo!
Nelson: That’s more like it.

The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 30

Make Lisa Tour the Haunted Condo

Make Nelson Tour the Haunted Condo

8h / 8h

Nelson: Right now, I feel like I could beat up the whole world.
Nelson: I guess what I’m trying to say is, even though all girls are super-lame and have garbage personalities, if ever one wasn’t the worst, it’d be you.
Nelson: Or whatever…
Lisa: Awww…

The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 31

Reach Level 27 and Build Scratchy’s Flea Dipper

12,000 tickets / 1d 12h

Lisa: Wow. The Haunted Condo really scared you, huh, Nelson? You’re shaking like a leaf, and you’re wearing your warmest vest.
Nelson: I don’t like ghosts. If you try to punch one, your hand goes right through it. How does one bully that which cannot be pounded upon?
Lisa: Huh. That’s actually a very insightful answer.
Nelson: Shut up! YOU’RE an insightful answer!
Lisa: Why thank you.
Nelson: What — did I say something nice? I hate it when I do that. Let’s just agree to stick to normal rides from now on.

The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 32

Make Nelson Ride Scratchy’s Flea Dipper

Make Lisa Watch the Stunt Show

12h / 12h

Nelson: Lisa, I’m getting on the Flea Dipper now, and I don’t want you to follow.
Lisa: Are you breaking up with me?
Nelson: These last few missions we’ve shared have made me very happy… but that’s something a bully can never be. Anger is my livelihood.
Lisa: I have to admit it — you seem calmer. More rational.
Nelson: The technical term is “wussified,” and it has to stop. The weak need to be tormented, and the job falls to me. Goodbye, Lisa.
Message‎: Lenny and Carl will now appear in Krustyland when they’re not doing jobs in Springfield!

The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 33

Reach Level 28 and Build the Viking Boat

16,000 tickets / 24h

Carl: Hey, how come there’s no Viking Boat ride at Krustyland?
Krusty: I ‘unno. Because shut up?
Carl: Hey, I’m Icelandic. If you don’t put in a Viking Boat ride, that’s discrimination!
Lenny: And I’m his friend, so I’m being discriminated too!
Lenny: Maybe we should tell the press Krustyland is prejudiced against both Icelanders and friends.
Comic Book Guy: Quickly, appease them! Bad publicity is death to a theme park! Just ask PaulaDeenWorld, KidnapLand, and Universal Studios: Jalalabad!
Krusty: Sure, whatever. But this whole deal was a lot more fun when I hated my customers.

The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 34

Make Carl Ride the Viking Boat

Make Lenny Ride the Viking Boat

4h / 4h

Krusty: All right, I finished your dumb ride. Up you go.
Carl: Oh, I never ride Viking Boats. Not with my stomach. I just wanted to make you build one.
Krusty: I said, GET ON THE BOAT.
Lenny: Are you aiming a gun at us?
Krusty: I sure am. And I’m prepared to use it. Maybe even make jokes about it. Or the organization that lobbies on behalf of it.
Carl: Look, shoot us if you want. But don’t make a joke at the NRA’s expense. They can’t take it, and I don’t want to listen to their whining.
Krusty: Yeah, you’d think people with guns would have a thicker skin. But you’re still getting on that boat.

The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 35

Make Carl Eat at the Food Needle

Make Lenny Eat at the Food Needle

12h / 12h

Carl: Hey, Krusty! How come there’s no vegetarian options on your menus? You got something against Buddhists?
Lenny: Once again, we’re feeling pretty discriminitized.
Krusty: Fellas, please. I’ll let you in on a secret. If you want vegetarian, order the Meatlover’s Meatgasm. There’s not actually any meat in it.
Krusty: Unless you consider a really, really smart fungus to be meat.

Continues with The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 36 – 41

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8 Responses to The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 29 – 35

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  2. ChaffroAugust 14, 2013 at 7:25 am

    Could you include the costs of the buildings within these posts too?

    • feelingblindAugust 14, 2013 at 7:26 am

      Sure :)
      I went back into the previous posts as well and added in the cost to purchase each item.

      • ChaffroAugust 14, 2013 at 12:10 pm

        Thank you! Now it gives me some idea of how many times I have to send poor Otto to that Death Drop ride. Although if anyone can tolerate that 10-15 times a day, it’s probably Otto.

      • feelingblindAugust 14, 2013 at 12:11 pm

        No problem. I’ve been using my own posts as a reference too. I know what you mean about Otto though, he only has that 30 minute task until much later in the storyline when the other buildings he can visit become available.

  3. jamminfrogAugust 14, 2013 at 6:18 am

    You can tell that by the new dialogs that EA are reading the blogs. Specially pt 34

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