Baby, You Can’t Drive My Car

Although there are many vehicles you can purchase in The Simpsons: Tapped Out, all of them are strictly for show. Vehicles cannot be placed on roads or even over parking lots. Oddly enough all of the vehicles in the game are premium items, which would lead you to believe they do more than just sit there. The only character who even interacts with a vehicle is Respectable Moe with the Limo. So unless you want to setup your town so it looks like the antiques road show has just rolled into town, save your donuts for more interactive items. The only thing these items offer is a bonus multiplier, as do a majority of premium items.

6 thoughts on “Baby, You Can’t Drive My Car

  1. “The only thing these items offer is a bonus multiplier”
    I thought the police car also gave you obedience points, but the only page that I can find that states that is the site that shall not be named.Any insight on this?

  2. I think EA have missed a big trick by not allowing cars to be paced on roads. I think people would buy more of them if able to place them anywhere. I ha e a few and place them on ‘sidewalk’ designed to look like a large carpark. I normally place my duff party bus behind Moe’s – OH YEAH!

  3. I don’t think we’ll ever see cars on the roads, at least not in their current form; the scale of them in relation to everything else is so different, a vehicle would fill a section of road quite easily. I think the Reverend’s train is the closest we’ll see to vehicles on the move around town.

  4. I’ve only got 500 donuts left. I think I’m going to buy Kamp Krusty and then save the rest for future updates. Thanks for the heads up on the cars.

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