Zoning Issues in Other Springfield

Prior to the Krustyland update you could actually replicate the Lv. 25 and Lv. 30 version of Other Springfield in your town. This was the first time since the Lv. 12 version of Other Springfield that you could do that if you wanted to. The reason you can’t copy some versions of Other Springfield, including the revised Lv. 25 and Lv. 30 are because they are built outside of what is possible in the actual game. The developers don’t play by the same rules players do.

Here is one example of what I mean. Take a look at the base entrance to the Springfield Squidport. In the first screenshot you can see how close to can actually place the tile in the game. In Other Springfield the Squidport Entrance is pushed even further against the shore, with the first boardwalk plank resting on the grass. You also can’t built parking meters on road tiles, yet Other Springfield would trick you into believing you can.

Built right up to the beach

Built closer to the land and into the grass

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17 thoughts on “Zoning Issues in Other Springfield

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  2. How do I change my picture? I see homerjsympsun has homer and few other people have diffrent pics? So what’s the secret?

  3. The Krustyland update allowed us to place parking meters on the street for the first time, but not on the sidewalk as the Other Springfield implies. Still waiting for pylons to be street-legal.

    • I go my parking meters to look like that by placing them before I built the road.Or taking out the road, placing parking meters and putting the road back.It makes the meters look like they are on the sidewalk like in the picture.

      • I noticed this post was edited to show that parking meters can now be placed on the edge of sidewalks without removing roads first as of Level 33. It’s these little insignificant changes I love hunting for in new updates.

  4. I’d never noticed this. I’d love to be able to build boardwalk nearer to the beach; that way I could have a section separate to the entrance that looked like it could be accessed without characters having to walk across water.

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