The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 22 – 28

The various new attractions you’ll be building during this set of quests are particularly expensive. These seven quests alone will set you back 15,400 tickets. The good news is one more character will be available for you to send on tasks, Nelson. If you started Krustyland the same day it was released, odds are you’re currently in the progress of completing some of these tasks.


The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 22

Make Comic Book Guy Ride the Radioactive Man Ride

Make Bart Ride the Radioactive Man Ride

Make Milhouse Ride the Radioactive Man Ride

4h / 4h / 4h

Comic Book Guy: I doubt these seats will support my ample frame, but as Radioactive Man would say “up and atom.”
Comic Book Guy: …except, of course, in issue 37 where his catchphrase was erroneously printed as “up and at ‘em.”
Bart: Cool! A Radioactive Man ride! Let’s go Milhouse!
Comic Book Guy: Gah! Children, at a theme park? Is no place sacred?

The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 23

Hire a Krustyland Mascot

2,500 tickets or 60 donuts

Comic Book Guy: I have discovered another glaring omission in your park — no mascots.
Comic Book Guy: Children and creepy adults need someone to sign their autograph books.
Krusty: Right, right. I always get my mascot guys on loan from the prison. Cons work cheap, and they’re used to wearing masks

The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 24

Reach Level 25 and Build the Food Needle

5,000 tickets / 1d 12h

Comic Book Guy: And now a subject that is near and dear to my heart: food.
Krusty: No offense, but food is obviously near and dear to every other part of you, too

The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 25

Make Comic Book Guy Eat at the Food Needle


Comic Book Guy: All of this consulting has left me famished.
Comic Book Guy: I will now sample the Food Needle’s offerings, which Yelp! describes as: “technically edible,” and “clown-quality food.”
Krusty: My favorite review? “The owner is washed-up. Too bad the tableware isn’t.” Tough but accurate.

(after the task is complete)

Message‎: Nelson will now appear in Krustyland when he’s not doing jobs in Springfield!

The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 26

Reach Level 26 and Build the Wet-and-Smokey Stunt Show

7,500 tickets / 1d 12h

Nelson: One ticket for the Wet-and-Smokey Stunt Show, please. I want to see Orky the Orca ride a dirt bike.
Homer: We haven’t built that yet. Come back in twenty-four hours.
Nelson: I don’t think you understand.
Nelson: I enjoy watching marine animals struggle to do people things in exchange for fish. I enjoy it very much. So make it happen.
Homer: And what if I don’?
Nelson: Then you won’t progress any further in this dumb game.
Homer: I guess it’s true what they say — the best bullying comes from a place of honesty.

The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 27

Make Nelson Watch the Stunt Show

Make Lisa Watch the Stunt Show

12h / 12h

Lisa: Nelson, don’t you find forcing animals to do tricks kind of… cruel?
Nelson: I never really thought about it. But yeah, the cruelty’s probably what makes it so great.
Nelson: Also, sometimes you get splashed by a gazillion tons of water. You want to check it out with me?
Lisa: The animal activist in me says no… but the eight-year-old in me is intrigued by this splashing you speak of.

The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 28

Place a Cotton Candy Stand

400 tickets

Nelson: See, Lisa? I told you the water show was fun.
Lisa: It was a chilling display of man’s heartlessness towards his animal brethren.
Lisa: And we got soaked!
Lisa: You want to get some cotton candy?
Nelson: Sure! I mean… sure, whatever. I guess.

Continues with The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 29 – 35

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