Find some new friends

Visiting other users towns is an important element of the game. If you would like to make some new friends, post your user name here. When you visit a friend’s town you can tap up to three buildings, earning yourself some money and XP. You can even visit your friend’s Krustyland to earn some additional tickets and XP as well.

Sometimes there are content updates that focus on the social aspect of the game, the last of which being the Whacking Day event from a few months ago. So build up your friends list now so when the next event is announced you’ll have a whole bunch of friends to help you reach your goal. Don’t worry if your town isn’t perfect either, as the state of things are always a work-in-progress.

34 thoughts on “Find some new friends

  1. Feel free to add me! quiksilver219—I play daily, I’m level 24 and I’ve just started Krustyland. I do have a small house farm, but I keep it tucked away in a corner. My Springfield is a work in progress, so I’d love some help!

  2. im lvl 33 and active my town is really cramped and messy right now lol

    hopefully new land soon so i can re model but looking for some active friends a i dont have many!


  3. hiiii im a new lvl 33 with a cramped messy town right now
    but im really active hope you wont mind the mess while i re model!


  4. Tadorama is the name, tappin’ Simpsons is my game! I’m level 33 with a full Squidport and half a Krustyland. Check out Arnie Pye in the sky (or on the ground).

  5. Jackalfive

    I need to cull some of my inactive friends, and I’m happy to make room for newer and more active players.

    I generally check my friends towns once a week (all I have time for really) however if there’s any kind of social aspect going on ill check my neighbours everyday (whacking day event newly killed me!)

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