If you play multiple times a day, avoid 24h tasks

If you look at any character’s task list, the 24h tasks are the ones with the highest values. You may think it is wise to just send all of your characters on 24h tasks and collect the rewards once per day, but you would be wrong. As a rule of thumb you should try to send your characters on tasks based on how often you check your device. For instance, before you go to sleep, send your characters off on 8h tasks. By doing this they will finish with their tasks close to the same time you would wake-up.

Let’s take a look at a standard character and examine the benefits to choosing quicker tasks.

60m$7017Play the Bagpipes
4h$17545Work on Manifesto
8h$27570Haggis Time!
12h$420100Rake leaves
24h$600150Wax the Floors

Take Willie’s 12h task of “Rake the leaves” for example. If you complete that task twice in one day you’ll earn $840 and 200 XP, far more than you would by choosing his 24h task of “Wax the Floors” would.

If you check your device multiple times a day, you’ll earn more for completing 60m tasks than you would from a single 24h task, providing you can complete at least nine 60m tasks in one day. It all works out if you check the math, but basically shorter tasks will earn you more in the long-run, providing you play the game enough to collect and restart your character on new tasks.

This strategy can backfire if you’re not diligent. If you send your character on a 60m task and don’t check your device for several hours, you’ll miss out on collecting a higher reward had you sent them on a longer task. Choose a method that works best for you, and keep your frequency of play in mind when selecting tasks for your characters.

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12 thoughts on “If you play multiple times a day, avoid 24h tasks”

  1. 1 hour morning
    1 hour commute
    8 hour work day
    4 hour dinner/family time
    8 hour sleep

    = 22 hours of tasks, $865/day.

    2*12 would be very close to the same profit, but is harder to time with my schedule.

  2. hi very nice site. thanks for picking up the ball that was so obviously dropped with a resounding thud on that site that will no longer be named. I look forward to reading your blog and piping in every now and again to say hi. myself I’m totally addicted to this game and put every character on one hour task during the day an 8 hour task night. by the way yes I do work. I’m at level 32 I don’t use donuts except for what I get in the game. so out of the ashes of destruction rises the Phoenix.good luck with your site and happy tapping

  3. When I first started it was one hour tasks and I would re-task every-hour during the day. Now that I have enough money, I task the Springfield residents to 12 hour tasks so they look after themselves and I only have to re-task the Krustyland characters every 30 minutes-4 hours. Tasking every character is time consuming (as everyone probably knows) and somehow I always miss one. I wish they had an idle Springfield resident finder just like Age of Empires lets you find idle villagers.

    1. Ah, I too remember those early days of re-setting every character’s one-hour task over and over. Fifteen crops of tomacco in one day!

      After I realized I was suppressing some quests from starting by immediately re-setting the tasks, my addiction to the game became more of a strategic challenge so I started assigning 12-hour tasks each morning then 8-hour overnight tasks after letting the characters walk around for a while as I landscaped.

      Now that I have plenty of reserve cash, I set tasks based on the character animation I want my visitors to see.

      I agree there’s now too many characters to even make the Edit screen’s blur feature useful (and Level 33 will have at least three more permanent residents and a dog). An idle-character finder is long overdue.

  4. Hi, and thank you for this website :-) I was sad to see tsto tips go, but I guess there’s a time for everything.

    Normally I put my characters on 4 or 8 hour tasks. This works best with both sleep, breaks at work and other activities. Though the length of the random tasks are also somewhat a guideline to which tasks to put my guys on (if these are shorter than 8 hours).

    I think it would be nice to know who you are. Did you comment on the tsto tips website often? Were you perhaps even an admin? How often do you play and are you a premium or freemium player? Do you have access to the game files, or where do you get your information?
    (Putting a “face” on and letting readers know “what kind of gamer” you are might help this site getting more comments. At least I think that would make me a lot more interested in your posts and commenting!)

    Don’t know what others think though.

    1. I appreciate the suggestion. I’ll type up a post to introduce myself and I’ll expand the “about” page as well. It honestly hadn’t occurred to me that readers might like to know more about the author.

    2. I agree with Iz. I was a TSTOTIPS follower and it really enhanced the game for me. There are a few new sites and I plan to visit them all because I like different points of view. I think it will take a little bit of time to get that sense of community built up again, but it is nice to see some familiar names posting.
      I like the 4-8 hour tasks as well, but sometimes I find it takes to much time retask them all at once so I will stagger them a bit. and sometimes I just set everyone to whichever animation I like the best. I love Wiggum’s go on a stakeout 24 hour task
      I like the look of this site so far and I’m looking forward to seeing it grow. Good luck and thanks!

  5. I suppose it depends on where you are in the game. As most new buildings have a construction time of 24-hours, quests don’t often progress until they’ve been finished, and without knowing which characters will be required, I tend to stick them all on 24-hour quests so that they’ll all be available once the building is.

    1. You also can’t progress if you don’t have enough money or tickets to construct the next building in the quest line. In Krustyland there are some buildings that have really long build times, so it’s better to grind out characters with shorter tasks. This way you’ll have more tickets to spend when it is time to proceed further in the quest line.

  6. I log in to my game often throughout the day, but there is now so many of them it would take so long to collect and replace them all back on tasks then do the same thing in krustyland lol, on a good day i do the 12 hour but most of the time i just go for 24 hour tasks :)
    Which time do you usually go with?

    1. I have more than enough money in Springfield, so I rarely send my characters out at all. If I do it’ll usually be 24h tasks as I don’t have much incentive to keep heading back to town, especially with the Krustyland update.

      As for Krustyland, I try and follow the same advice I posted here. If I know I’ll have the time to check back frequently, I’ll run shorter tasks. However if I know I’ll be out most of the day, I’ll pick longer tasks.

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