Should I purchase Squeaky Voice Teen?

The Squeaky Voice Teen is the most affordable premium character you could buy. In fact, you may be able to purchase him with just the donuts you can save up through regular game play making the purchase even more enticing. Having more characters in your town can help you earn money and XP much faster, especially since premium characters earn at a higher rate than regular characters.


  • Only costs 30 donuts
  • Is one of the few voiced characters
  • Is employed at a variety of establishments
  • Has tasks in both Springfield and Krustyland
  • Can start working right away, great for new players


  • Only has two outdoor tasks
  • You may want to save your donuts for another purchase
  • You have a chance of finding this character inside of a Mystery Box
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14 thoughts on “Should I purchase Squeaky Voice Teen?”

  1. Hey! Firstly, thanks for starting a new site in the wake of what happened, I’d actually stopped commenting on the site a while ago, but still read it everyday as the walkthroughs alone were invaluable! Secondly, and more on topic, I have had SVT for sometime and have now just received him in the mystery box. Mr. T always said that when you win something in the mystery box, that you already had, you get the donut equivalent, however this hasn’t happened and he’s just sitting in my inventory and I’m unable to click on him :( Do you have any ideas on this?? Thanks, Aly

    1. It’s a glitch with Krustyland. For some reason the game doesn’t recognize if you already have a character if they are in Krustyland. A second unusable SVT may just be stuck in your inventory indefinitely now.

  2. my friend got Him from the mystery box. I’m coming up on the 30 donuts from in-game donuts and I’m seriously thinking of buying him. especially if I buy him and then get him from the mystery box andI get my donuts back, is this true?

    1. Well if you buy the character you can’t win him from the Mystery Box, and since you can’t have two of the same character his prize is replace by a chance to win 30 donuts instead, which is ironically how much it costs to purchase him in the first place.

  3. However, if you go ahead and buy him and then “get” him in the Mystery Box, you get the 30 doughnuts back that you spent on him instead. So, if you really want him, I wouldn’t wait just because you might win him. HOWEVER, the 4 hour task (that I use most frequently) requires the Aztec Theatre. If you don’t have that, he may not be as handy.

  4. He’s the one and only cool mystery box item I’ve ever gotten. Either a tree or bench every other time. And once a bench with jacket hanging over it. I would say wait it out. He does have great voice animations when you tap him.

  5. Yeah, have to agree with Jaydiggity – hang in there and see if you can score SVT from a Mystery Box. I’ve seen numerous posts on forums about him appearing from there. He’s definitely a useful character to have, given the range of tasks he can do and money he can earn though.

  6. I say folks do not purchase the Squealy Voice Teen only because SVT is (in my opinion) the best award that comes out of the Mystery Box.Save your donuts and cross your fingers! He is an awesome character — I would point out that although he does not have many outdoor tasks, his 24 hour task (promoting burgers) is an outdoor task and I find that few 24 hour tasks are outdoors.

  7. I’m wondering if you guys are looking for any help? I really enjoyed the site before all that mess happened. :( If you ever need any help, I am more than willing to help you all out! Good luck on this new site! I will always be a supporter of everything you all do! :)

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