The Evolution of the Krustyland Shuttle

One interesting aspect of this latest update is how the look of the Krustyland Shuttle evolves over time as you build a bigger and better Krustyland. The first time you may notice this difference is when you visit Other Springfield, as their shuttle looks quite a bit different from the one you initially start out with. Check after the break to see how the look of the Krustyland Shuttle changes over time. Aside from just aesthetics this will give you an idea of how far along you are in building the theme park to its full potential.

Grand Opening

Open for Business

Established Theme Park

Update: Once your Krust-O-Meter bonus is up to 3.0% you’ll see the first upgrade. The final upgrade is achieved if you can manage a rating of 5.0%. (Thanks go to fuel for this information)

7 thoughts on “The Evolution of the Krustyland Shuttle

  1. When does the change kick in? Is it linked to the attractions. Just placed Radioactive Man the ride – no changes yet. Good blog man.

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