Starting a New Game? Save Your Donuts!

When you start a new game you are encouraged to use some of the donuts you are given to rush tasks, but you do not need to do waste your donuts during this section of the tutorial.

The first task you are asked to rush is building the Kwik-E-Mart. If you are willing to wait the four hours it normally takes to complete this task you can save two donuts. You are also asked to rush the task of sending Lisa to shop at the Kwik-E-Mart. If you wait an hour for this task to complete you can save another two donuts.

During the tutorial you will however be forced to spend six donuts on a Mystery Box which will (in this instance) always contain ten donuts, giving you four more donuts than you had before.

Unfortunately you are forced to spend five donuts purchasing Homer’s Hammock.

4 thoughts on “Starting a New Game? Save Your Donuts!

  1. Thank you for starting this new site, will be visiting it as my replacement for “the site that shall not be named” i was THIS close to purchasingfrom them thank everything i didnt, i want yous to know you will uave me as a reader/supporter i just hope “gamezi##” doesnt get involved and with the Krusty Land update will they be adding more to that world or does it just end at the roller coaster ride??? So i know what to save in tickets and space.

    Thank you

    • I don’t think any content is planned after you finish building the roller coaster, noting in the immediate future anyway. For me personally, once I finish the quest line I’ll still hold on to my tickets in case the development team decides to add more to Krustyland in the future.

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