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What is Other Springfield?

Other Springfield is the only other town you can visit until you start adding friends. To add friends you will need to sign up for EA’s Origin service from within the game. It is encouraged that you sign-up for the service as many of the social features of the game can only be activated once you create an account. This service is completely free, and by signing up you will be able to access your game from any device. As an added bonus you will receive ten donuts just for creating an account.

As you progress through the game, Other Springfield levels up alongside your own town. When you begin a new game you will quickly progress to Level 5, and Other Springfield beings at Level 8. The purpose of this town is to give you ideas for building your own town, as well as showing buildings you’ll have access to once you proceed further into the game.

There are six different versions of Other Springfield, each corresponding to a different level.

  1. Level 8
  2. Level 12
  3. Level 16
  4. Level 20
  5. Level 25
  6. Level 30

Each of these towns are more expansive than the previous, and in some cases they are derivative of the previous one. For example Level 16 is an expanded version of the town you see at Level 12. Level 8 and Level 20 are unique in their design. Level 25 and Level 30 are basically the same, but with Level 30 being a slightly expanded version of the town shown at Level 25. It may sound a bit confusing, but once you play the game for yourself you will recognize the changes.

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