Welcome to TSTO game

Welcome to TSTO game, a blog devoted to the mobile game The Simpsons: Tapped Out. The purpose of this blog is to help users navigate their way through the game. Some of the information will help newcomers, while other information will help those who have been playing the game for some time. Each post will be dedicated to a specific topic within the game, such as characters, buildings, or special in-game events.

My hope is to provide a safe space for fans of the game to interact with each other.

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15 thoughts on “Welcome to TSTO game”

  1. Excellent..thanks.Also I noticed someone met the rock and roll photo challenge…awesome.

    I tried to work out how to screen shot on my tab, but kept getting messages about the tab needing to be rooted or some such thing…so gave up. I’ll have to be content browsing through other peoples pics.

  2. Can I request an opinion post….please

    Situation: I’m at level 33,don’t have all the land, i’m struggling to fill what I’ve got in my style without buying oh so many more houses. I’ve built up millions of cash.I play mostly at night and generally put people on 24 hours jobs.

    I’m loving krustyland cost it’s building up from scratch.

    Opinion needed: what do I do now, buy all the land, and start spreading out my town or embark on a complete redesign?

    1. Sure. I just posted something along those lines. Hopefully you’ll get some feedback on your question. Thanks for the suggestion, for following this blog, and for taking the time to comment. :)

  3. Nice to see you are setting up a new site! I still can’t believed T sold out! Oh well such is life, good luck and let’s hope this is the start of something good!

    1. I don’t think T sold out. Looks like he was hacked. The hacker is just spreading the blog sale story to cover his tracks. T has been on vacation and probably doesn’t even know what happened.

      1. The TSTO Tips site is throwing up a bunch of new writers.Wonder how many don’t realize what happened.There are some mentions about the regular writers, so I figure some don’t know.Can’t trust anything on that site to be on the up and up now.:(. Figure it is a waste of time to post over there now and wonder which responses are even legit.

        Found this one mentioned elsewhere and figure I’ll check out some fan sites here and there.

    1. Glad to see a new site up and running. Thank you for stepping up and providing information about TSTO. Yes it is sad what happened to TSTO Tips. The site was hacked, the site owner did post the “Amazing Deal” Post.

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