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Speculations For Future Levels

Hello there tappers!

I am going to talk to you today about some big speculation that I have been doing. Why don’t you read more to find out all the details? So a while back, I started a thread on the EA forums that explored future levels in a basic way. It showed which characters would come with which buildings, whether it would be premium, which category the character would be in and which level it would be with.

Since then, I transported the list to my old website, and I now wish to share it with you. I’d love it if you took a look through and were able to make some constructive points to it. So far it hasn’t been entirely correct, but I think it is plausible. Here it is:


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Should I Buy the Duff Beer Fountain?

duffbeerfountain_menuHow are my big sky fingers doing? The last update brought us brand new items for Krustyland, including the Duff Beer Fountain. This premium decoration is one of the few items we can use to make our Krustyland look good. For 10 donuts you may be tempted to go ahead and buy multiples of this but before you eat through your donut budget, let’s take a look at the pros and cons to purchasing this premium decoration for Krustyland.


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Summer Holidays – Spain

Hey Guys!

I’m going to start a new series called “Summer Holidays”. The reason I am doing this, is because some of us die-hard Simpsons fans try to find a connection to the Simpsons with the country we may be visiting some time this summer. And because speculation is my area, I may even do a slight bit of speculating as to what may be added to the game.

I have decided to kick-start this series off with the country I will be visiting on Wednesday – Spain, or to the Spanish – Espana!

Spain has been mentioned several times among the many Simpsons episodes, but it is only recently that the Simpsons made their first appearance in the Southern-European country.

After having a segment with Queen Elizabeth I of England, the Simpsons included her with the Spanish King Julius in the episode “Four Great Women and a Manicure”. The country also made a small cameo in “From rags to riches” in which the rag became a blindfold for a man who was shot with arrows.

The major Simpsons Spanish debut actually came in season 25, in the episode “YOLO”. Homer tells Marge about his childhood pen pal, Eduardo, and he soon makes an entrance to Springfield to see Homer.

File:Yolo 2.png

Eduardo encourages Homer to actually do some of his childhood dreams, so he decides to do some of them. They include taking a ride on the back of a fire engine, amongst many more. The final thing on Homer’s list is to skydive over Springfield. When he finally gets up into the plane, he starts to get second thoughts, but is pushed out by Eduardo. He starts to fear he might die when he heads straight towards the tallest building in Springfield.

He soon wakes up in hospital, after Eduardo congratulates him on doing his dreams. Homer then wakes up in his home, after realising that it was all a dream.

When he returns Eduardo to the airport, he decides to go back to Barcelona with him, where they tour the Sagrada Familia.

There are many things that connect with Spain that could be added to the game lets go through a few:


File:YOLO promo 8.jpg

His tasks could be as follows:

Write letters to Homer

Live the “YOLO” motto


Tour the Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia

File:Sagrada Família.png

This could make a great addition to TSTO, and could either be a million dollar item, a premium item, or be the item that arrives with Eduardo.

I think that these are the only two things that really relate to Spain, although there are numerous other things that link to the episode like the fire engine, aeroplane and the tallest building in Springfield.

Thanks for reading!

Keep Tapping!


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Waiting for Gil, and some sweet deals

gil_get_my_attention_2_active_image_1Every now and then Gil will appear in the game offering some deal on premium content. Sometimes you’ll save money on donuts. Other times you won’t save money on donuts, but you’ll get more donuts for the same price. These deals are popular, but pretty boring in the grand scheme of things. Savings is always nice, but it doesn’t bring anything new to the table.

The fun is in the sales pitch, and seeing what kind of enticing offers are made available. What kind of deal could be proposed that could get players to bite the bullet and spend some of their hard-earned donuts?

My personal opinion, offer a combination of two pieces of older content that didn’t offered in the Yard Sale.

ico_bild_yardsaleSo let’s throw a few things together and see which one our readers would be the most likely to buy. I’ll do my best to price things at a range comparable to a price you might actually see in the game.

This is TSTO game’s picks for Gil’s Combination Plate Special.

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Design Club Reminder, Cool Brown House

generichouse01_coolhouse_menuThis is just a reminder for those who wish to participate. If you have the Cool Brown House in your town and would like to share you design with the community, please submit your screenshots to tsto.tricks@gmail.com using the subject line, Design Club.

For a complete list of rules and helpful tips, please check out the FAQ.

So far we have 14 entries, but we’d love to see more.

Designs will be shared on Wednesday, along with a new challenge.


Should I Buy the Unoriginal Log Ride?

unoriginal log ride

Hello there tappers! We have a brand new level with Krustyland items and that’s awesome! It has been such a long time since EA added to the K-Land extension, this is much appreciated. Of course, with every level comes premium items on the menu and today we will take a look at the Unoriginal Log Ride. A classic for every amusement park, in Springfield it costs 75 sidebar_donutdonuts to get this building. Before you spend your precious pink sugar fried circles, let’s take a look at some pros and cons to adding this ride to your Krustyland.

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Clip From “The Simpsons Guy” Crossover Episode

family guy simpsons

Hi diddly-ho neighboreenos! As I talked about in a recent post, there will be a Family Guy crossover episode with The Simpsons! A fast friendship blossomed with delicious donuts between Homer and Peter but may be forever destroyed by an argument over Pawtucket Patriot Ale and Duff Beer, which leads to an epic chicken fight. Meanwhile, Bart and Stewie bond over making prank phone calls and skateboarding. It just leaves me wondering what the ladies are up to while we are not looking… Are Marge and Lois going to get drunk and make out? Is Meg going to give Lisa some advice to get through High School as a reject? Will Brian try to talk with Santa’s little helper? Is Chris just gonna pick his nose the whole time?

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