Guest Post – The Simpsons Hollywood Bowl Show!

Greetings, fellow tappers! I’m JacquesDeMonkey and feelingblind asked me to guest write about my insanely awesome experience at the Hollywood Bowl last weekend. The Simpsons celebrated their 25th anniversary with ...


All about Uber (Alles über Uter)

One more child has entered the town of Springfield, that is if you’re willing to spend 160 donuts. Uber is mostly known for being “full of chocolate”, as well as ...


Here is the complete Level 45 walkthrough

Now you can get the help you need to guide you through this latest quest line featuring Artie Ziff. It includes quick over views, which are highlighted, and the full-dialogue ...

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Speculation for 2014 – What will happen?

Hey diddily hey there guys! I’m just sat here, wondering what EA are going to throw at us next. My guess is that they have a busy couple months ahead: September: I can’t see any new updates in the next 10 days, although there may be an update to the Clash of Clones. But who […]

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Wilki1999’s thoughts on Level 45

Hey there guys! So I have returned to bring you my thoughts on Level 45. Let’s be honest, I don’t think anyone expected this update, but it is here, and here are my thoughts!

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simpsons history book

The Simpsons Family Book Comes Out Next Week!

Hello my diddly neighborinos! You may recall a post I did a while back announcing this really cool book about the Simpson family. Well today I came across a post on The Simpsons official Facebook page that it will come out next week, on September 23rd. As you can see in the video posted below, […]

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Should I Buy Uter and the Hungry Hun?

Hello my dear sky fingers! EA made us a surprise and pushed level 45 into our games. This is making a lot of tapperinos happy since a good number of us are done with the Clash of Clones event, having won all the prizes already. Now, with every new level comes a new premium character. […]

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Level 45 with Artie Ziff and Uter

Patty starts the quest. Artie Ziff is free. Uter is premium. Note: Before you can play this update, you will need to complete the quest lines from the previous levels. No more skipping ahead to the new content, if you haven’t completed the previous ones. So if you’re still working on level 44, now you […]

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Design Club Challenge: Week 10

Can you believe this is the tenth week of Design Club, a collaborative effort by the community to feature designs for various buildings in the game? Well it’s time to showcase a new building, and this time it should be something that most players have as it was given away for free on the 4th […]

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Community Designs: Boxingham Palace

It’s week nine of Design Club and we received 8 entries from our readers, showing off their various designs which focused on Boxingham Palace. Thank you to everyone who sent in a design, it’s appreciated. This feature relies on community participation. We’ll keep featuring designs for different buildings, so long as your willing to share […]

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Should I Buy Satan’s Anvil?

Hello there my big sky fingers! Your aunt Platy is back with another premium purchasing guide and this time, we are taking a look at another comeback item: Satan’s Anvil! This huge decoration was first made available during the Stonecutters event that ran earlier this year. You needed 35 000 emblems to earn it and […]

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With random towns, who needs neighbors?

The developers went through a lot of trouble to implement a feature when you can visit a random town, so odds are after this event is finished, this will be a permanent feature of the game. So if you can just visit a random town, do you really need neighbors anymore? Friendship Levels Right now […]

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Family Guy Meets The Simpsons: 14 Photos From the Crossover Episode

Originally posted on TVLine:
The first families of Fox will finally meet on Family Guy‘s Season 13 premiere when the Griffins accidentally stumble into The Simpsons‘ hometown of Springfield, Wherever. And if this new batch of photos are any indication, things are going to get weird. RELATED Fall TV Spectacular: Exclusive Scoop and Photos on 42 Returning Favorites! While…

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What changed in today’s (9/12) update?

Nothing of consequence. The only thing that changed was the “gamescripts” folder, which most likely means some bug fixes. According to the file name, this is the fifth patch for the event post-launch. It’s good that bugs are being fixed, so if you were having an issue, are you still having it now? Some people […]

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Community Interviews

We would like to launch a new feature on the site that requires some user participation. We are looking for readers who would like to be interviewed about their Tapped Out experiences, as well as showcase some portions of their town. Questions will be pretty basic, like when did you start playing, favorite event, etc. […]

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Should I Buy the Barracks?

Hello diddly-ho neighborinos! I am back with another purchasing guide for a premium item offered for a limited time during the Clash of Clones event! There is a lot of premium stuff in the menu and I’m pacing myself to get through it. This event runs for a long time and we shouldn’t rush to […]

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Strategy for Clash of Clones

How are you doing with the event so far? Have you won all of the prizes, or are you still struggling? If you are are, here is some helpful advice to push you through this event faster than you can spit… not that you spit. Oddly enough this advice, while discussed several times on forums, […]

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Design Club Challenge: Week 9

It’s another week of Design Club, a collaborative effort by the community to feature designs for various buildings in the game, and it’s time to showcase a new building. Based on the sparse amount of entries received this week, it seems people may be having some difficulties designing their castles, or just have no interest […]

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Community Designs: Castle Recycle

It’s week eight of Design Club and we received 6 entries from our readers, showing off their various designs which focused on Castle Recycle. Thank you to everyone who sent in a design, it’s appreciated. This feature relies on community participation. We’ll keep featuring designs for different buildings, so long as your willing to share […]

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Elixir Wednesday becomes Elixir Weekends

Today’s update fixed a few bugs and changed “Elixir Wednesday” to “Elixir Weekends”. Now you can buy elixir from the shop on Saturday and Sunday, but not on Wednesday. Honestly the timed-exclusivity of being able to purchase something from the shop seems entirely foolish, and it seems EA is backpedaling on this idea a bit. […]

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Should I Buy the Treasure Chest?

How are my big sky  fingers doing? I am back with the premium purchasing guide you have been hoping for! On last Thursday’s update we received 2 new items that generate event currency; the Elixir Mixer, which produces elixir (well, duh!) and The Treasure Chest, which produces gold coins. This sounds like an amazing deal […]

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Should I Buy the Elixir Mixer?

Greetings fellow tappers! Ah, elixir. The non-addictive purple stuff that you need to acquire. We all need large amounts to get prizes and we now have the opportunity to make even more! The elixir mixer was added to the menu on last Thursday’s update and of course, it costs  donuts. But before you go spend […]

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Database arrives in Springfield, still has no friends

Database will join your town after building “Honest John’s Computers” which is the first building that requires over one-million dollars to purchase. Of course this comes with the adjust inflation rate for new buildings, by the time we’re at Level 48 this will be significantly cheaper to build, but who can wait that long? If […]

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Should I Buy the Happy Sumo with Akira?

NEW LEVEL! I didn’t expect one until the event was over but here it is! The premium character for level 44 is Akira and he comes with his sushi restaurant, the Happy Sumo. This is the second Japanese character to make his way back into Springfield. This year, we had an episode tie-in that brought […]

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Friendship! Friendship? – Two new prizes available

You may want to start vising your neighbors again to collect friend points, as two new prizes have just been added. The first is the Marge Tetherball Statue. Obviously it looks nothing like Marge, it’s just a statue of President Carter with Marge’s hair added on. This is a somewhat obscure and very specific reference […]

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Wilki1999’s Thoughts on Level 44

Hi Tappers! It’s been a while since I made my last post here on the site, but I thought, what better way to return than to do a post about our newest in-game update!? Friday saw level 44 added into our games and with it came a few new items. I’m going to break down […]

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Should I Buy the Two-nicorn?

A rainbow puking mythical creature just made its way into your game! This “Should I Buy?” post will be a bit different from the usual format I use. You see, this Two-Nicorn is a NPC. NPCs are Non-Playable Characters. This means that they walk around Springfield, not doing much. You cannot assign them to a […]

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Should I Buy Fort Sensible?

Looks like we got a lil’ updaterino yesterday my dear sky fingers! Several items were added to the menu. Some of them cost elixir and some of them cost donuts. One building released a long time ago made a reappearance today. Fort Sensible was first available, for a limited time, during the Whacking Day event […]

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