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Hello there sky fingers! You’re probably all pretty busy learning how this new Clash of Clones event works but I still wanted to drop a quick post to remind you ...


Advanced Battle Strategies

Generally in events such as these, everyone always wants to know two things: What is best for me, and what is best for my neighbors? Should I attack? Should I ...


Elixir Wednesday! Time to upgrade your castle!

Every Wednesday the ability to buy elixir directly from the shop unlocks. These are donut purchases, so freemium players feel free to ignore this post, or read on to see ...

Latest News

Design Club Challenge: Week 7

We’re happy to see that Design Club, a collaborative effort by the community to feature designs for various buildings in the game, is still going strong. Basically the idea behind it is that it’s a reinventing of the “What have you done with…” posts. This gives players who have created great designs to share them […]

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Community Designs: First Church of Springfield

It’s week six of Design Club and we received 15 entries from our readers, showing off their various designs which focused on the First Church of Springfield. Thank you to everyone who sent in a design, it’s appreciated. This feature relies on community participation. We’ll keep featuring designs for different buildings, so long as your […]

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Woohoo! MORE LAND! Add Friends!

Hello my dear tapperinos! The days of boredom and endless sales on old stuff are behind us because we received and update today for a 48 days long event involving barbarians and a whole bunch of medieval stuff! To me, it sounds like all that whining we, the players did online finally paid off. It’s […]

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Add Friends for Clash of Clones

Drop your name here to add some new neighbors. :)

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How do nerds work in Clash of the Clones?

New events tend to be a bit complicated, so we’re going to do what we can to minimize that confusion by explaining one particular aspect of this event: nerds. Simply put, nerds are your soldiers during this event; they attack other castles. In this event you will eventually build three different types of castles: Barbarian, […]

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Behold! A trailer for the new event.

Let’s start this event off with some proper fanfare in the form of a promotional trailer!

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Meet the Barbarian

Barbarian     Clash of Clones So far the only new character that you’ll receive with this update is “Barbarian”. Contrary to belief, this is not just a costume for Homer. Well… there is a seperate Barbarian costume for Homer, but it doesn’t look exactly like this. Later in the quest line Homer and the […]

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App Store Update Live, Required to Access New Content

The update is now live on the iOS App Store, bringing the current version of the game to “4.10.2”. You’ll know you have the update when the icon changes. You will need this app store update before the new content is downloaded, so keep an eye out for it. THERE IS MORE LAND AVAILABLE! It’s […]

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Fact or Fiction – upcoming update! (update live for Ios!)

Note: As I was about to post this, the update went live. Hey there tappers! It’s me rolling in to bring you a bit of “fact or fiction” about the rumoured update. I’m going to start with my initial ideas on what the update pictures meant, then I will go into some spoiler pictures I […]

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Vikings! EA has something new planned this week.

Has Homer devolved? Or is this just an elaborate ruse by EA to re-popularize the unibrow (or, as they call it, the mustache of the forehead)? Stay tuned and play Tapped Out this week to find out what’s going on! This new comes from the official Facebook page for The Simpsons: Tapped Out. So what […]

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