Trouble with Sensible Eating

opmbuffet_menuThe second part of the “Sensible Eating” quest requires both Eddie and Lou, however many people have noticed that they just don’t want to seem to enter Krustyland. Don’t worry this is not a glitch.

In order for these characters to join the fun in Krustyland, you’ll have to complete “The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 2″ which will task you with sending 10 park goers to ride Krusty’s Big Wheel. Once you get to that quest, you’ll be able to have Eddie and Lou enter the park.





This only affects players who decided to spend 40 donuts on the new Krustyland restaurant, Krusty’s One Plate Maximum Buffet. Once the quests are completed, it does unlock some permanent jobs for characters in Krustyland. If this area of the game isn’t your forte though, you may want to save your donuts for Springfield.

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Refocusing our goals, improving the site

YeoldecherrytreeOver the past few months we’ve tried a variety of things to liven up the site that basically failed. So now we want to let our readers know what we plan to do to fix it. We need to do better to keep our readers engaged.

Writing Staff

We tried to take on a bunch of new writers, but it didn’t really work. Only a few ended up contributing, and it became difficult to manage a team when only a handful of those on board were interested in working actively on the site. In the end, we let a lot of those writers go and have decided to basically go back to our original team.

Our most prolific contributor, PlatypusGuitar, has been an integral part of this site and will continue to share her valuable input on the game while keeping our readers both entertained and informed.

Long-time contributor Raventhief has a passion for the game and isn’t afraid to spend a few donuts to enrich his Springfield. He’s also desperate for more land, so if any developers are reading this, make it so.

At the most we may add one more writer, but we don’t want to overload our audience with too many contributors. We want our readers to get to know our writing staff and their writing styles. It allows us all to interact better, and creates a community, rather than a random hodgepodge of authors.

Focusing on Strengths

If we don’t do anything better or differently than other blogs, the purpose of our site’s existence becomes questionable. Instead of just random, hard to navigate posts, we’re going to make it easier to find the good stuff.

An information hub isn’t enough to keep people coming back, TSTO Tricks is proof of that. So we’re trying out some new ideas engage the community and keep things a bit more fun and light. The first of these (thankfully well-received) ideas is Design Club. The goal here is not only to create something fun, but some consistency. Design Club will be a weekly feature, that will showcase community designs and challenges every Wednesday.

New Theme

The best way to show that we’re really trying to mix things up around here is with a new theme. Things are still in-process, but I thought it was time for a change.


We want your feedback, comments, thoughts, complaints, etc. Interacting with our readers is something we definitely need to improve upon, so we’re hoping to engage our readers more and hopefully get more conversations going on in each posts.


Add Friends for Level 43

ico_thoh_prizes_communityNeed some new towns to visit? Want to engage with players who are still actively playing the game? Add your name to this list and fill-up your friends list with like-minded players.

Given that this update focuses on Krustyland, you may want to start designing that area of your town if you haven’t already. Everyone is bound to get more people tapping for tickets now that there is finally something new to do in this area of the game.

Don’t worry though, if you just want to pop-in to unlock Princess Penelope you can do that too. She has jobs in Springfield as well.


New Characters Visting Krustyland

sherri-and-terriIf you purchased Sherri & Terri, you’ll find that they have their own little Krustyland adventure.

Also, police officers Eddie & Lou can enter the theme park. Though you may need to purchase Krusty’s One Plate Minimum Buffet to entice them into Krustyland.

It’s about time some more Springfielders were given access to the park. The last new character that was allowed in was Marge, and that only if you unlocked the Tunnel of Love prize by unlocking all of prize wheel prizes during the Valentine’s update.


Level 43 has arrived, breaths new life into Krustyland

unlock_princesspenelopeSummer is the season for amusement parks. So what better way to celebrate than with a little Krustyland update? It’s been quite some time since this area got any attention outside of a few random decorations, and perhaps the occasional ride during another holiday event.

krustysgiantwheel_menuSo what’s in store for players with Level 43? Well freemium players, you’ll get a chance to add Princess Penelope to your game for the low price of 4,000 Krustyland tickets. She comes package with Krusty’s Giant Wheel.

You’ll also get treated to “Tavern on the Scream” a building which is also free and only costs 1,5000 Krustyland tickets to build. Each of these new buildings triggers its own quest line as well. So get settled into Krustyland for some fun new quests.


Outside of that for those inclined to spend some donuts you can pick-up a few new attractions as well, though some will only become available once certain quest lines are completed.

40 donuts

40 donuts

75 donuts

75 donuts


Design Club Challenge: Week 3

A few weeks ago we introduced Design Club, a collaborative effort by the community to feature designs for various buildings in the game. It’s a reinventing of the “What have you done with…” posts.

This gives players who created great designs to share them with the community, as well as giving players who are having trouble coming up with ideas for decorating their town some inspiration.

So what building have we chosen this week? Check after the break for the reveal!

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Community Designs: El Chemistri

elchemistri_menuIt’s week two of Design Club and we received 18 entries from our readers, showing off their various designs which focused on El Chemistri.

The challenge for next will be posted shortly. For now, enjoy these great designs. Maybe you’ll see something below to inspire remodeling in your own town.

A huge thank you to everyone who sent in a design, it’s very much appreciated. This feature relies on community participation. We’ll keep featuring designs for different buildings, so long as your willing to share your creativity with us all.

Now without further ado… the designs!

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